about the head

what is that about?

about (pron. /əˈbaʊt/) – preposition and adverb
1 [as prep.] on the subject of; concerning.
2 used to indicate movement within a particular area or location in a particular place.
3 [as adv.] approximately.

scipione, the binaural recording dummy head used in about the head

meet scipione, the binaural recording dummy head used in our performance: when we first met him in 2008 in a university lab in milan, he suggested us about the head, our first 3-d concert

even if it sounds weird and nerdish, the thing works very simply:
we play around scipione, you put your headphones on and you hear us like we were playing around you

this happens because scipione has ears with microphones inside, and since the shape of our ears determines the detection of sound in space, scipione simply records sounds in 3-d


meet crackerjack, namely us: a forgettable band, artistic collective, bunch of brain cells stuck in milan (italy) and trying not to bother any audience with pretentious performances and wailing charades since the year two-thousand-and-something

five dummy heads wearing headphones and different kinds of sunglasses, each one  metaphorically depicting a member of the crackerjack collective

mail us at info[at]crackerjack.it, we probably won't answer


plug your headphones*, close your eyes and enjoy

*the binaural 3d audio effect can be appreciated only through headphones: for the best result we suggest you a good pair of closed or semi-open headphones, but even some not-too-cheap earbuds could fit

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let's socialize

so-called social networks are fancy, fun and useful to promote emerging artists, they say...
since this argument seems to us quite reasonable, we do have some pages on myspace and of course facebook

truth be told, we don't update so often, probably beacause we are basically very shy, bashful and reserved people, so we don't like to expose our private lives and intimate thoughts so much and also because we don't like to talk if we have nothing to say, so we post only if there's something actually cooking

by the way, we are terribly lazy and insicure as well, so there is rarely something actually cooking

whatever... feel free to come and keep in touch anyway


crackerjack would like to thank:

goffredo haus, murivan, giancarlo vercellesi and the people who daily struggle for life and knowledge at lim

everyone who supported about the head at agon, with special mention for gabriello "hasandefendic" bacalone, giovanna consiglo and chiara marchetti

alfio bosatra at milan state university and paola conforti at casi umani press agency

*if you are not hereby included, either you do not deserve to be given our thanks or we forgot about you... in the latter case we apologize for the mistake


about the head was conceived by arber misa and francesco vitale
music was composed, arranged and performed by crackerjack:

luca marella played bass, guitar and percussions, sang and also took the beautiful pictures you see in this pages;
arber misa, who is sexy, skilfully played guitar and percussions, sang like a real crooner and could perfectly mock a spanish robot by simply using a pipe and his voice;
francesco palmisano played the shit out of everything had black and white keys and collects toy keyboards from local street markets;
salvatore salerno, who has charisma, played guitar, bass and percussions, sang like a nightingale and could make a carton sound like a acid freakin' techno drum-machine;
francesco vitale, who knows how and where to plug cables, played percussions and some bass and designed this website, so you know who to blame if the shit doesn't work

scipione was designed and built by davide "murivan" mauro

the performance was produced in 2010 by agon, in collaboration with lim